Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cretin loses ... a reason to celebrate?

Roy Moore lost his race to be a United States Senator representing Alabama.  That he time traveled from the 1950's to miss being in the Senate by just 1.5% of those voting is more alarming than reassuring.  He is an obvious cretin with a wife to match.  Listening to them talk was like a bad joke, but real.  That said, for Alabama's voters to defeat Moore was a huge accomplishment, one that required dedicated work by many.  It was not expected.

From this distant perch, there are two people whose voices put Democrat Doug Jones over the top, Charles Barkley and Richard Shelby.  Barkley, the former Auburn and NBA star, committed to campaigning actively for Jones. Shelby, consistently viewed negatively here for good reason, took a stand against the fellow Republican and against the wishes of Trump.  In completely different ways, both are hugely influential in the state.  They strongly felt that Moore would be a stain on the reputation of Alabama.  A majority of voters agreed.

And that's good news.


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