Thursday, October 25, 2018

Brief comments once again...

---The entire pipe bomb scare seems a bit fishy here.  How could something so comprehensive be orchestrated and yet be done so ineptly?  Was it just done to screw with the public's mind before the mid-terms?  Was it just an example of what could be done?  Could it have played out just as the perpetrator designed or will we learn soon that it was some random crazy or two?  Not one pipe bomb go off, anywhere?  Thank goodness for that, but there is more to be learned.  Were they all just put together with a flaw?  More info needed.

---The equity market stays volatile, but it seems that lately the ups are not fully compensating for the downs.  It is certainly a stock picker's market for the first time in a while for those inclined toward risk.  After the big bump during the market day, there seem to be a few concerns about the earnings reports of Amazon and Google.  They look fine here.  It's also a nitpicker's market.  Still may decline over the near term.

---Saudi Arabian leaders seem to be following a Trump playbook.  Say one thing today, another tomorrow, repeat... They are buying time, and may succeed.

---The Red Sox look unstoppable.

Saturday --- seems now to be "some random crazy".  Of course I am well aware that Trump's incendiary remarks and contant lying at all times could lead to this, but if someone did not know that then they don't want to know that.  Meaning, why write about it.


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