Sunday, December 23, 2018

News flash...

---The two NFL games broadcast here at 1pm today were Jets/Packers and Giants/Colts.  Were there other games being played?  Both New York teams managed to lose again, although some say they had nothing to lose.  How about the coaches for a start, then GM's.

---Christmas cards were sent yet again, although the number continues to slip.  Yesterday two of those few sending cards here did duplicates, meaning two identical cards from the same person, yet in both cases slight differences in the signature.  Card base is aging.  As an aspiring card counter, that mistake probably was not made here, hope not but could I have sent...

---We enter the last few market days of the year with all major averages down, Nasdaq finally completing the trifecta only in the last few days.  Then there is the Russell 2000 down 7%, aggregate bond down as well, Gold down 4%, Oil down 15%, overall commodity index down 8%, Bitcoin down 76%, is there a theme here?  Maybe a bit of lost confidence in global growth?  Perhaps a rogue President?  Or could my investment choices have been wrong?  Get out the beanie babies, old vinyls, and baseball cards.

I think that a lament here several Sundays ago was ended with "at least there is a new Ray Donovan on tonight".  Ditto.


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