Thursday, July 04, 2019

Tonight's "Capital Fourth"

Once known as the Fourth of July Celebration in Washington, D.C., this event has now been hijacked by Trump.  It will be interesting to see how much of a political event it will be.  Will there be some normalcy or will it become a campaign rally Trump paid for by all American citizens.  Gag.

For those who have been in Washington in the summer, hot and humid cannot adequately explain how stifling the air can become.  Built on a swamp surrounded by water, it can be miserable, and people are already assembling for the 8pm start.  Nerves could be frayed by the time that the concerts begin.  Will the crowd assembling to "honor America" not be totally there to honor Trump?  Seriously, one could wonder whether there could be some divisiveness?  Will all performers be tame or will some have not too transparently veiled comments about the Commander in Chief?  They signed on well before the event changed.  When Trump begins his campaign speech, will some in the crowd boo him?  Will the flyovers be flawless?. The biggest and longest ever, of course, fireworks display is a made for television event,  For the people there, who knows. This will not be one of his rallies where all people come just to hear his unique brand of self adulation and nationalism.

Currently, at 5pm, the D.C. weather forecast includes a possible storm, lightning, and high winds.  With all of the security due to Trump's role, the crowd could be trapped.  In other news, Joey Chestnut won again. Gag.

Here's hoping it all goes well.


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