Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Beyond the coronavirus, aka Covid 19

Covid 19 is not just in the news, it is the news.  It has affected everything about the way we live, and it is a global event.  "Say something everyone does not already know John."  While at the moment it is leading to a recession and unemployment will continue to get higher, the longer term effects could be more dire.  Food lines in the U.S.A., now, isn't that dire already for many.  This brief but awkward comment is about a functioning global and national economy. 

As this develops over time, will it lead to a wealth gap that continues to widen?  Will it have an inflationary effect on everything, not just toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and lysol which appears laughable now as a passing phenomenon.  Break open your 1960's fallout shelter and see if that canned food is any good now.  Spam lives forever, that's the food and not something on the computer. Do lower airfares now, which are an amazing bargain to overseas destinations, become outrageously expensive when everything is pared back, and traveling is selectively monitored by governments. 

Leadership in this country is coming from the states, encouraged by a President who does not want to lead.  He does like to talk and be the center of attention.  There are eventually positive outcomes that can be imagined, unclear now.  Let's imagine them.  Is that a song?


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