Monday, January 15, 2007

"60 Minutes", a few observations

Here are a few quick observations on last night's "60 Minutes".

Bush interview:

---The word "victory", after lasting into December, has finally been eliminated from the vocabulary in relation to Iraq.
---It seems as if part of the price for getting the interview was having the CBS guy say "Democrat" Pary, as opposed to the commonly used "Democratic". He did it twice, and I'm sure the small minded Karl Rove thinks that's some kind of accomplishment.
---Bush called for Iraqi gratitude, which was perhaps appropriate three years ago. Today with limited infrastructure, few jobs, and escalating violence, gratitude seems to up there with victory as a word that's out of touch.
---Bush almost uniformly used the words "I", "my", and "me" in answering any question. That's opposed to "we" or "our" etc. that could refer to the U.S. people, the U.S. government, or even his own inner circle of advisors and the military.

Duke lacrosse segment:

---Based on all of the disclosures to date, if Nifong just gets disbarred he should count his blessings. If an officer of a U.S. corporation was exposed for this type of intentionally deceptive activity, they would be charged with a crime for defrauding shareholders. Why are the taxpayers of North Carolina different from the shareholders of a corporation.


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