Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clinton speaking out

Clinton's saying some aggressive stuff these days. Not the candidate, but the former president. Is this wise?

Bill Clinton appeared on Charlie Rose for an interview late last week and was dismissive of Barack Obama in no uncertain terms. At one point he compared him to a talented newscaster with a year of experience in the Senate. At another he called it a roll of the dice to vote for him. At another the multifaceted Clinton also talked about how much he enjoyed watching Obama display his talents. Grumpy at times, condescending at others, he was not at his best. Yesterday in Orangeburg, SC Clinton(Bill) told an audience flat out that Hillary's first act in office would be to send him and George H.W. Bush on an around the world mission to repair the damage to the U.S. image done by the current George Bush. According to Bill Clinton, it would require no approval of anyone but President Hillary and could be done immediately. One problem with that however. Today the first Bush put out a press statement saying that he supported his son's foreign policy(of course he would do that) and that there had been no discussions with either Clinton about this proposed trip.

Bill Clinton is viewed by many Democrats who will vote in the primaries as a charismatic figure. To some that's inexplicable based on the facts, but it is a fact that he is viewed that way. When he takes the headlines from the presidential candidate it seems unlikely that it's positive for her campaign. What might resonate well in a New York studio or in South Carolina might not work so well when the media hands it off to the folks in Iowa and New Hampshire. He simply can't help himself, he never could from this perspective, a happy and irrepresible man, obsessed with himself like many of the most successful people.


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