Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another decison day, and the Clinton drama unfolds

An interesting day is ahead in New Hampshire. The biggest event going is the verdict there on Hillary Clinton. Echoing the media angle of the last few days, her campaign seems to be in disarray.

Until just a few weeks ago the Clinton campaign was being run with a sense of entitlement. With her knowledge, preparation and competitive edge backed by the pink faced bonhomie of her celebrity husband Bill and the arrogant confidence of her campaign strategist Mark Penn, the campaign expected to use the required rigors of the primaries to lay the groundwork to be anointed in November. At a minimum, the game plan has some problems now.

Clinton herself seems rattled and the campaign message is stressed. Is it just a week ago that Clinton's mantra became " the real candidate of change", lifting in whole cloth the Obama campaign slogan of the past six months. And yesterday, bizarrely, the NYT quotes her as saying "This is very personal for me -- it's not just political, it's not just public". Isn't that exactly what John Edwards was promoting as his claim to authenticity in Saturday's debate.

LSU won the college football championship last night. They started out the season ranked number one but during the season there were multiple number ones and number twos, with nine teams laying claim to one of those spots during the season. LSU ended up where they started, becoming the first team to win the championship while having two losses. Now it appears that the Clinton campaign needs to hope for the same scenario in the Democratic primary. Hold it together, regroup, hope for others to make mistakes and get to those big states with the more entrenched Democratic machines. It will be a long season.


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