Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Virgil Goode

The congressman from Virginia's 5th southside district became a nano national celebrity on the Daily Show a few nights ago. He was viewed riding in a Hummer in some local celebration and Jon Stewart and the funnyman's writers then created a Republicans versus Rappers contest. Virgil Goode is an easy target and one that deserves it. His response, in a district that is at least one third black, "I don't know what rap is".

Wiki Virgil, just a politician done good you say but no mention of the fact that his father controlled the Democratic party in that district forever. Then they turned Republican on the race issue, no question about these folks. They do not like black people. The combed back almost duck tailed Virgil with what could be peroxide blonde hair is a late 50's man who is a vestige of the old South in the worst way.

My father, who lives in the district, hates George Bush, hates the Iraq War, gives to every good cause in town, but if I criticize Virgil Goode he goes apoplectic and says "Johnny, he's just a good old boy".

So Virgil sits up in D.C., plays golf, does nothing for his district, is an obvious handy man, and the fifth district gets pride in a good old rep. Even my father does, but if she were around not my mother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that your father gives Rep. Goode a pass. A likeable guy for other reason?, good golfer?, neighbor? Glad to know your dad is hanging in there, views on Virgil and all!

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it seems like one Republican's approach is to ignore the entire hip hop community entirely. Really smart?

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up, and unfortunately for the State of Virginia truth is more frightening than fiction.

Shortly after the 4th of July, a video emerged on the blogespher entitled "Virgil Goode Grief." The video ( ) started to make its way around the block and just when you thought people in Virginia had enough of this disturbing imagery......

The Daily Show used the video for a bit called "Rappers or Republicans" with Wyatt Cenac, a new addition to the show:

Congressman Goode just couldn't seem to offer any intelligible response to a reporter's questioning of him in response to the piece. Virgil reported that a.) He never watched "The Jon Stewart Show" (ok, I'll let that slide – he's a Republican) and b.) he admitted that "I don't know what a rapper is."

One more time Virgil: "I don't know what a rapper is."

The Hummer in the 4th of July parade was hilarious, the Daily Show jab was priceless, the fact that this Republican Congressman doesn't know what a rapper is, well is just depressing.

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