Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama loses all credibility

The news that the federal agency that oversees Freddie and Fannie will sue all of the major banks is a travesty with huge implications. Fannie and Freddie were run by a Congressional committee and dictated their mandate by the Clinton and Bush administations. Strong financial institutions are fundamental to any recovery. Obama seems to want crisis as he and his family try to emulate a Kennedy life, vacations, vacuous words, and simulation of a vibrant spirit. He sees his 2012 chance as an opportunity to provide no choice. Crisis and blame, and economic damage --- the Boeing plant in South Carolina, the ATT/TMoblile block, these are political moves to secure his election in 2012 and are insuring a weak economy.

If only there were a Democrat who would challenge him. If only there was a Republican who wasn't an obvious jerk. Huntsman is the only exception and he appears to have no chance.


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