Saturday, March 24, 2012

Louisville jumps

ENS does not follow much of college basketball until the end of season gets underway and only then seriously when it gets down to the 16. This freshman guy Bohannon(sp?), Siva, and the two Smiths, one from Queens and one a younger brother of the crazed Knicks player J.R. Smith, are a group force for Louisville.

This afternoon the Louisville team was getting hit by the most picky fouls by the officials and the Florida players were doing these fall downs on the most tiny touches and getting the calls. Anybody who was anybody on Louisville had three or four fouls in the early part of the second half and team playmaker Siva fouled out with over three minutes remaining. Pitino complained early and got a technical which led to a four point boost to Florida in the first part of the second half.

From here, it just seemed like that the players on the floor knew who the better team was, and that was Louisville. They played tough defense as always but Florida also just lost their momentum. Maybe they were tired out by the effort to fight Lousiville for most of the game. That young freshmann Bohannon that somehow got away from his hometown Cincinnati was exceptional today just as he was on Thursday night, and he played the fourth quarter with four fouls.

On to the final four with a likely match up with the mighty state rival Kentucky in the semi-finals in New Orleans. That will be one to watch.


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