Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yes, it happened, I went to the Lord and Taylor a little over a mile from our house to see if there were deals to be had, first time ever on a Thanksgiving weekend.  Unlike my wife and daughters, I am neither a willing nor astute shopper.  The huge parking lot was packed, causing some pre-shopping angst,but K urged me on.

We found a winter jacket for younger daughter, wrong size, right style, very cool modified multi-buttoned P-coat with some hidden zippered pockets, perfect for her D.C. walking.  We ordered the right size.  It was 50% off, plus a weekend only 20% off of that remaining 50%, so a quite expensive seeming coat at $400 came in at around $167, including tax.  Not bad.

Success here as well.  After meandering around not quite knowing what was going on, a table of cashmere sweaters was found.  Cashmere crew neck sweaters are a part of my never changing winter attire, and the newest one that I have is well over 10 years old, probably 15.  They're still nice, but have lost some of their elasticity.  2 for $150, $128 with additional discounts - these are not the incredibly good thick N. Peal like quality of the old ones, but they are nice and hugely less expensive.  Also found some slacks that are casual, great thick cotton fabric, fit well, and will be an anomaly in my wardrobe because they are not jeans.  Tommy Bahama is the brand, somehow not what I envisioned wearing but they are just right.

Enough of this.  The trip was a success.  I did not go into a claustrophobic panic or make some hurried rash decisions.  Is that just getting old or is it becoming mature, finally.


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