Monday, November 26, 2012

Into the city...

Manhattan calling today, shopping at the Union Square shops or making the effort, picking up food, and enjoying the chill sun.  Bought a few interesting scarves at a Thai shop in Union Square, not too expensive but they are probably making about an 80% margin on this stuff, even after shipping.  They do the sourcing, I do the paying, they will make great little gifts for the girls, one of a kind hand made stuff.

As always, Manhattan time is take-out food time.  Bought some sesame grilled tofu, watercress and red pepper beef salad, and grilled squash at the smaller Mangia on 23rd and picked up some "moist barbequed flank steak" and some kale with bacon at Hill Country.  With some leftovers and a freshened up salad, dinner is done.  Seems dinner is always the responsibility of yours truly, and I do not mind.

J.B. Hutto and the Hawks entertained on satelitte radio on the way back from the station.  My God, no one knows about J.B. Hutto.  The track was from the same album, yes album, yes all down in the basement with a monster rough sound system and turntable, that is mixed among many others that were retained despite my father's amazing neatness efforts - if it was not his and in the way he would throw it away.  That's the past, still not forgotten obviously, but on to a great dinner.


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