Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Equity investing, essential even if not always a good sedative

Equity investing is essential to a balanced portfolio that has growth potential.  Done over time, with diversification, and with commitment,  the returns outweigh the anxiety that can accompany investments with the potential to go to zero.  Today, rainy and with light snow, just really damp feeling and overcast, has been a good day to stay in and spend some time surveying investments, both as a regular overview and as a time to make sure that capital gains and losses are managed going into the end of the tax year.

The result of this is, dear readers, the first ever list of the top 11(tie for last two) stock investments here.  This is not an endorsement of these stocks necessarily, although most are simply just long term holds, with additions and gains.  And the winners, in order of size, are:

Rackspace Hosting
Valmont Industries
Johnson and Johnson
Live Person
Berkshire Hathaway
Yum Brands

May this list not jinx any of those revealed!


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