Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nowhere to run

The equity market was brutal today.  Across the screens and among the accounts that are followed here, red was the color of the day.  Even bond funds which pundits were highlighting had miniscule gains it seemed.  One could guess that they were pleased to see something on their computer that was green to talk about.

It was great news to see that in the last two hours of the trading day about one quarter of the day's losses were erased.  That's how bad it was, relief there was no panicked close even as losses are still eye-catching.  Oh well, if stocks just go straight up, they generally go straight down at some point.  It would be better if any downturn would be more gentle, but, as was said here a week of so ago, even on good days the market is on edge now.

On a market day like this, I try to hide.  I find errands to do, books to read, a trip to the library,  ice cream to eat, e-mails to write, guacomole and chips, anything to not deal with a situation over which I have no control.  How to trade a market like this is a mystery to me.  It would be too easy to make a stupid decision.  Tomorrow could be interesting, but I hope not too interesting. 


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