Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams

What a loss.

For those having the unfortunate ability to recognize what he was going through it was not a surprise.  Maybe two years ago he did an HBO special of a tour that he was doing around the U.S.,  and it was just foul, not funny.  The audience was there paid big money to laugh and it did, but almost nothing was humorous about his performance.  Despite his recent television show, I knew then that he was in big trouble.

In his earlier stages he was incredibly and manically insane, he could not stop talking and he was a riot, but he was definitely not normal.  In a middle life he calmed down and played in some great films, like "Good Morning Vietnam", "Mrs. Doubtfire", and "Good Will Hunting", but that show of performances slowed down.  He was apparently most recently at Hazelden, whose "renowned" therapy approach is based on making one as humiliated about oneself as possible, as hated as much as possible by anyone close to them, as hurt as possible by anyone that they know. The food is tasteless and the place is like a prison.  Despite it's stellar reputation, not understood here in the least, it would absolutely not have been the right place for Robin.

Strike up another suicide for the formidable Hazelden.

Our sympathy to his family.


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