Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Lingering around in my sweats this morning and reading the newspaper, it has already been a nice Christmas, a bright sunny day.  With a bit of a late start, we had a special, for us, Christmas breakfast of smoked salmon, whole wheat toast with black cherry and almond preserves, a few slices of bacon, and what I call Mrs. Bridgforth's Christmas scrambled eggs(finely chopped red and green peppers provide the seasonal look).  A robust "Celebration Caffe" in a bright red small package added an extra punch.

Last night the moment of return to form by our small family together was the time of opening presents, as the adult girls sat on the floor and commented on each of the modest gifts and we chatted together as a fam', as younger daughter might say.  Wrapping the presents the day before was definitely worth the effort, an effort that eventually caused me to take off my sweater as the focus was for some reason a bit warmly taxing.  K's gift wrapping skills remain perfect and with some flourishes of paper cutting tags, while my wrapping ability is completely undiminished from the past, as if that were possible.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there who chooses to or by chance reads this comment.  May peace get a chance to prevail in this world more consistently for all in 2015.


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