Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Now about those cards..."

Those words closed a December 3rd comment here that discussed the preparations needed or wanted for our style of Christmas a this time.  The point was to enjoy writing about the past and the present and to suggest that this year all seemed under control.  Now it must be said "almost".

The wreath has been up for almost three weeks and our other modest decorations have slowly surfaced.  All presents have been bought with only a couple expected in the mail within a day or two.  K and I more or less treat ourselves jointly as we realize certain things need updated or replacement and the holidays are a great time to splurge a bit, although there may be a surprise or two.  This year we have received enough cards to ring one large foyer opening, better than last year.  As mentioned on December 3rd our cards are chosen and in house but, they sit unsent.  There was undoubtedly some usual procrastination involved here, as finding that exact right mood seems important.  What was not anticipated in any way was that earlier this week yours truly would clumsily trip on a driveway curb and take a tumble.  It was absolutely nothing, no scrapes, scratches, or bumps, but I braced myself as I went down on concrete with my right hand, my writing hand.

As previously mentioned my capacity for clear handwriting has diminished over time.  With a banged up wrist at the moment it is barely legible and so embarrassingly old looking.  I can't even open a Vitamin Water or a Poland Spring with any ease at all, but those Vitamin Water's have always been a challenge.  Maybe that company wants to send a message that one needs more of their product.

So the cards are not in the mail.  K and I will make a joint effort to get the job done tomorrow for Monday's mail, but the dream of for once getting our cards out early is lost.  For those who read this and had expected a card, it will come, maybe on Christmas Eve if we are lucky.  If not, save a place.

(As is obvious, typing is unaffected)


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