Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscars to which films?

We will be watching the Academy Awards tonight out of curiosity as much as genuine interest. Entertainment would be an added benefit but is expected, as always, to be uneven.  That fact allows for snacking and computer checking on a regular basis.  If the show becomes too tedious, "Grantchester" will be on Masterpiece Mystery at 10pm.

Due to circumstances here of late, going to theaters has not been part of our repertoire of activities. We have seen only one film nominated and that was "Boyhood" just last night.  That is a remarkable film, immensely enjoyed and made uncannily realistic by the aging of the stars throughout the 12 year production.  By most accounts,  that film and "Birdman" are the lead contenders for best picture.  "Boyhood", despite its almost uniformly positive reception, may be slightly hobbled both by being somewhat stale at this point, and by an ending that is more wistful than powerful, more ironic than life affirming.  That is part of the strength and truth of the film, but who knows what the Academy voters want.  This is Hollywood. Then there is the one dangling piece as, of the four major characters, only Samantha is left without any shaped lingering image.  Those thoughts are not an issue here and, despite no first hand comparisons, an Oscar for Richard Linklater's film would be applauded.

"Birdman" may be the lead contender at this point, and long shots that would benefit from a divided ballot would be "American Sniper" and "Imitation Game".  The guess here is that "Citizen Four" will win best documentary, Julianne Moore will win best actress and Patricia Arquette will win best supporting actress.   Other than that we will be watching, and wondering who Neal Patrick Harris is.


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