Sunday, April 05, 2015

Duke vs. Wisconsin, eloquence vs. efficiency

Now it's down to the final two.  Two very different teams will take the floor tomorrow.  Wisconsin wins with rough intensity while Duke wins with cool consistency.  Duke's easy win in the semis and Wisconsin's retribution against Kentucky provide a set up that at first glance would favor Duke.  Wisconsin risks a let down due to their celebratory conclusion of the Kentucky game, as if that was the title.  It was not.

Veteran coaches Ryan and Krzyzewski will have their teams ready and calm if history is any guide.  Duke will need to start out strong and not give up an early lead.  Wisconsin needs to establish Kaminsky as a threat at the beginning to open up the outside.  Wisconsin's highly experienced team of juniors and seniors will at first have an advantage over a Duke team that starts three freshman, but the exceptional talent of Duke's freshmen could ultimately overshadow Wisconsin's capable but less naturally talented line-up.

No predictions here.

Postscript:  a post here yesterday about the relationship, however tangential, with the final four teams was inadvertently deleted.  It was a darn good post and it cannot be retrieved or recreated.  Too bad.


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