Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Watching a few early minutes of the three games so far in the NBA finals plus the final 10 minutes or so of each, the performance of LeBron James, in its intensity and determination, could hardly be stronger.  With a beautiful touch on some shots, sheer athleticism, and brute force, he has take control of the games and a team.  He is the unequivocal leader and motivator of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the coach, whose name is not known here, does not get in his way.

Beyond this display so far of basketball dominance as he supports a team whose other two major stars are both injured, is a seemingly much more mature LeBron compared to prior years.  In the on court interview after Game 2 which Cleveland won, he did not mention in even any implied way the times in the fourth quarter and overtime when he was clearly fouled and it was not called.  He was only positive.  His current new television commercial for some new luxury Kia has him dressed immaculately in casual wear and when a bystander says something like "New car?" he responds " Yes sir."  The anger and the swagger of old seem to be purposefully part of the past.

This is an unusually enticing pro basketball series, not one that can be watched for two and a half hours at a time here, but one that can be checked in on with great interest.  The outcome is unclear.


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