Friday, April 17, 2015

A test of Russian censorship from this relatively unknown blog

Until August of 2014, the largest non-US country of origin of page views for this blog was Russia. At that time this blog got personal about Putin, exasperated by that tyrant's actions in Ukraine.  The "page views" from Russia stopped after that, going to maybe one or two a month as compared, on average, to 50 or more a month before.

In fact, I have no idea what page views, in Google's sense, mean in the vacuum of welcome information that they provide about blogspot.  It is certainly not just everyone who happens onto the website and jets on, but is it one's who take a specific post and make it singular for printing, reading, or forwarding.  That has never been known here and is not the purpose of the writing done anyway. It, however, certainly does interest me.  The hits from Russia recently have risen significantly, to 147 in the last week including 37 yesterday morning.

On purpose, but out of  interest in the subject matter as well, yesterday a post was written here about a motorcycle gang whose leader is reportedly a good friend of Putin, and their circuitous trip through mostly Eastern Europe for the 70th anniversary of the Russian assault on all women in Berlin.  It was not complementary about Putin or about anything that revisionists say who want to write about WWII Russian history.  It definitely views Poland as a long term victim of Russia, and questions Putin's intentions.

Guess what?  There were no Russian page views today.  Is this another six months of solitary or just a blip on the screen.  It will be interesting to watch.


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