Friday, April 17, 2015

"St. Vincent", the film

When this film was released this past October it looked interesting here, but as going to theaters has not been a regular event for us this past year it had to wait.  Finally the soaring stock Netflix, which is only in lucky younger daughter's account, gave us the chance.  We saw it last night.

If I had seen this in a theater, it might have been a disappointment as some wonderful scenes and classic Bill Murray moves turned into a "feel good movie" that had a not so subtle touch of emotional manipulation.  Seen at home, relaxing in our den and not full of popcorn and one quarter of a giant soda needed to wash it down, there was no reason to be judgmental.  The film was enjoyed immensely.

Murray's role as Vin was perfect for him.  He did it with his familiar swagger that has not always been as visible in some of his recent films.  As overreaching as the character may have seemed, it came across as a depiction of reality here.  Certainly so in the behavior, maybe not as much so in the way that Vin thoroughly enjoyed his, on the surface, chaotic lifestyle.

The acting was all fine and, in fact, some of Naomi Watts lines led to big spontaneous laughs.  What a nice evening break this was for us.


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