Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Heat wave

On 9/9 there was a comment about the change of seasons.  The change seemed to be felt in the morning air, and that was beginning to precipitate as well a seasonal change in personal outlook.

How premature was that comment?  The humid heat of the oft mentioned Indian summer has already set in.  In this small town today,  there apparently were aficionados of the season all around.  That was not expected or recognized before.  The summer months in the merchant area of town are dominated by the young.  Now they are away or home doing school work.  Right now, this day, the most noticeable group of people in town were men from their mid-fifties to late sixties hanging around in their favorite laid back stuff, whether t-shirts or caps or shorts or sunglasses, they were in Indian summer heaven.

In line at the local variety store was a  distinctly rough skinned sunburnt Irish guy with his Myrtle Beach cap, baggy shorts, and his flip flops, moustache and face wet with sweat, looking to all the world like he was on the road to 18 again.  Another in the parking lot was an obviously happy man with a reduced Art Garfunkel hair look who had his swim pants hanging low and some kind of colorful 60's shirt on, band not able to be read from a distance.  There was this guy with his low slung slim black jeans, combed back longish grey blond hair, and faded red Quiksilver t-shirt lounging on the one bench under shade in parking lot area.  There was more...

Get out there. Take back the street for a few days.  Watch out for the cops.  It seems to be one of those ticket giving, revenue raising days.  Even here, they love being stern, at best.


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