Friday, September 11, 2015

Recap of today

--- It was a relief to see the U.S. equity market close up on the weekend close as opposed to doing what it has in recent weeks, as in ramp down.  As in most closes, it was on light volume but up, and it is welcome. No expectations here, but staying the course while taking portions of gains from a few long term positive equity positions to build up liquidity for better opportunities to come.

--- The video of the tennis star James Blake standing in a place in what is a completely familiar location and being body slammed to the ground is disturbing.  That's right in front of the Hyatt on 42nd Street near Vanderbilt in broad daylight, the usual crowds on the sidewalk.  There was no approach of conversation or warning. The video shows this cop thug just attacking without provocation.  What a joy for the predatory cop. What a life disturbing event for the admired James Blake.  The cop should be fired and charged with a videoed crime of assault.  Enough is enough.

---Serena William's loss in the U.S. Open today to an unseeded veteran Italian player was a shock. What it shows is the drain of her previous match with her sister Venus.  Those sister pairings have often been derided as rote, but whoever has played their sibling, their best friend, or their long time doubles partner in an important singles match knows that the stress is immense, and the required politeness demands an abnormal restraint of emotion.  Serena was mentally worn out.

---September 11, 2001 remains as a straightforward sad memory here --- an afternoon of terror downtown and midtown, one good friend lost, a score of other business contacts as well, and a sense of relief that was exceptional when soot covered and exhausted ones from downtown showed up in our offices to hug their friends and spouses.  This may seem like a too often never ending remembrance to outsiders, but to some memory is not required.


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