Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another traffic crazed night here

This is just too much.  We realize now that the ground our house now stands on is worth more than the house. And, the house is not bad.  This migration of wealth to our 29 year hometown is omnipresent. There are fine houses being knocked down in the best of neighborhoods to clear the way for greater grandeur.  That is no doubt what has led to shoppers overwhelming the small four block downtown and nearby stores.  It is just remarkable this year.  The entire little town was a mile long traffic jam, for what?  The movie theater for sure with the best thoughtful current films, steak from A&F, sushi from Misaki, espresso drinks from Starbucks, bad doughnuts from Dunkin', great bagels from the bagel store, or perfect sandwiches from the main deli, it's all there but can it accommodate the demand now.  What a good problem to have for a business.

What a challenge for a shopper.  Going out tonight was impossible, as no parking was available at any grocery or shopping area.  It is raining lightly and cool.  My mood is definitely not one to wait and jockey for a parking place. I have no patience.  Delivery is now on the way, but there is a yearning here for more social contact.  So it goes.

The girls are fine in Nicaragua, doing serious hiking up a volcano and now going to Ometepe Island, already wishing they had more time there just a few days into their trip.  Bless them.


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