Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Tiptree morning

A highlight of every morning in the last year is our Tiptree jam or marmalade with toast or an English muffin.  We look forward to it.

Tiptree is made by Wilkin & Sons LTD in, appropriately enough, Tiptree, England.  In small print on each jar it says "By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen jam and marmalade manufacturers."  We are far from being anglophiles here, so this could be called an exception well worth making.  

Wilkin & Son began their business in 1885, and the town of Tiptree has a population of around 9,000, so it's a village that is well known because of its one unique business.  We favor the medium cut marmalade, the morello cherry jam, the raspberry seedless, Little Scarlet, a strawberry jam made with a type of tiny fruit, and the black cherry when available.  Combined with either bacon and eggs or a bowl of more healthy cereal, the Tiptree spreads are a treat.  Looking up Tiptree just now, their special Christmas preserve was just ordered on Amazon.  That will be a new one here.

Admittedly it is much more expensive than your average jar of Smuckers at the grocery store, but here it feels worth every penny.  Small pleasures patched together during a day are important.  It's one more reason to get up.

One should note that this is not a paid advertisement, although maybe it should be.


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