Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Is this Christmas?

Somehow drizzly to rainy, overcast 65 degree days, that seem to be moving into darkness at 4pm, do not feel like the Christmas holidays.  Tomorrow will be the same here, but Christmas day will, according to forecasts, be rain free and 65 degrees.  There is no desire here for a white Christmas, but a little cool fresh air would be welcome.

With parking lots jammed and shoppers still out in full force,  it's a day in the house.  Christmas cards still trickle in, almost all from people our age or older.  They are opened with great interest, and hopes for good news and photographs.  When former neighbors sent a card without their lifelong letter describing the year and all of the good news was not in the card, that could not be interpreted as positive.

Following the stock market today gave some bright news.  With low volumes, the meaning of this rise is impossible to interpret but better up than down.  Organizing some paperwork was the accomplishment of the day, always a good feeling to make a dent in that never ending chore.

Tomorrow we must go shopping and are considering an early start, a break in our routine.  Eat something, go, and get fully cleaned up later.  That's the idea, but actually doing that is by no means a certainty.  More later maybe...


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