Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Republican debate recap

Last night's Republican debate had several outtakes:

---Donald Trump received the best of the television coverage when he alone was interviewed by reporter Chris Cuomo just after the debate ended, four minutes of Trump time.  He came across as crass but rational in his own way.  There were no other immediate interviews following Trump.

---Jeb Bush did his best to play a major role in the debate, stepping up his role in standing up to Trump.  It was his best debate showing by far, but he remains a less than compelling personality.  He cannot shake the entitled and almost lazy persona that his family background presents.

---Fiorina, Christie, and Kasich came across mainly as nuisances to an otherwise active debate.  Their ego run campaigns seem to be meaningless.

---Rand Paul, from out of nowhere, somehow played a much more meaningful role in the proceedings, gaining more air time than expected.  He is a fringe candidate, but not completely out of it.  Well, maybe he is, but not from this contest.

---The Cruz//Rubio interaction was as expected, with both candidates seeming anything but exceptional.  There was nothing decided last night, other than the fact that these guys have no immediate claim on the nomination.  They are not nearly as charming as some think they are.


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