Monday, February 15, 2016

"Vinyl", the HBO film

The best things about "Vinyl" were the opening and the closing, which feature live shots of the New York Dolls in the `early 1970's.  That was a time to remember.  In the 1970's when that "vinyl" was bought, I was living in Goshen, Kentucky and was afraid that someone would think I was some kind of deviant if they knew about it.  I was a teacher, for goodness sake.  The music, of course, was incredible, and I saw David Johansen many times once that I lived in New York, me at 50th near 2nd and his main place Tramps at 17th between 3rd and Lex.  Not a bad late night walk when sleep wasn't coming on from the banker's life and I knew that David, Buster Poindextor, or Albert King, or Junior Wells and Buddy Guy, and others were just a half hour city walk away, a five minute cab ride if I could afford it.

"Vinyl" was enjoyed here.  It had the rat a tat tat style of Mick Jagger diction, and so much of it was totally familiar from that time.  I have no understanding of all of the timid reviews that were seen beforehand and even now.  The show wore down a bit by the end, but overall it was better than almost any television.  It was fine.


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