Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NBC news leads with "Trump charges considered for inciting a riot"

Last night, NBC Nightly News led with a story that the Cumberland County North Carolina sheriff was preparing to charge Donald Trump with inciting a riot.  That was at the event where a protester was being led out by police and he was punched while defenseless by a member of the audience who was obviously a Trump supporter.  The police action was to shackle the protester who had fallen to the ground from the force of the punch, and to ignore the assailant.  It should be obvious to all that, under pressure from his actions, the small town sheriff was trying to divert attention away from himself and his department.

As it turns out the sheriff was quickly overruled in his rush to judgement.  PBS News Hour, a much more substantive news program than NBC, did not even mention the possible charges in the next hour of programming.

Donald Trump is completely unattractive, but a move like that by NBC almost plays into his hands. On the eve of today's primaries, leading their news program with a highly exaggerated report is unprofessional.  It is easy for Trump to point this out to everyone who will listen, and many will it seems.


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