Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tonight's debate

Last night's Democratic debate was not watched here.  They are frustrating and boring for the most part.  Sander's over the top effort to appeal to or patronize the Occupy Wall Street crowd is simply not believable.  Yet he is doing so much better than expected.  Is anyone asking themselves what kind of cabinet this avowed socialist would appoint?

Tonight's Republican debate will be watched for awhile, for better or worse.  The last Trump presentation on his own not too many days ago was one of a kind.  A product infomercial as a campaign ploy was astounding.  What was written here about two months ago here(2/10 post) about Trump's possibly phantom wealth numbers is now becoming a more widespread thought, and he is becoming more defensive.  Yet he is doing far better than almost anyone expected.   A few days ago Jimmy Carter was quoted as saying that if he hypothetically had to choose between Cruz or Trump, he would vote for Trump.  His attention seeking comments are usually not agreed with here, but I tend to agree with that one.

We will see if tonight's debate turns into an impossible to listen to brawl, or even leads to falling off the right edge of the earth.


Blogger Allen Hengst said...

No need to watch the entire Democratic debate in Miami last night. Just checkout today's DEMOCRACY NOW for clips of their provocative discussion on U.S. imperialism in Latin America ...

IMHO, Clinton's actual record regarding U.S. involvement in the 2009 Honduras coup (not to mention Libya) stands in stark contrast to Sanders' more enlightened position. And don't get me started on her pandering to demagogue Netanyahu!

6:57 PM  
Blogger Allen Hengst said...

Today's DEMOCRACY NOW featured still more expert commentary on Hillary Clinton's contributions to the ongoing U.S. imperialist project, both globally and across Latin America.

Clinton's Old-Fashioned Red-Baiting of Sanders doesn't Work Anymore (39:57 - 45:49) ...

Clinton Singled Out for Backing 2009 Honduras Coup (45:50 - 51:39) ...

8:46 PM  

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