Monday, June 06, 2016

"Before The Fall"... a book by the creator of "Fargo"

This was an entertaining book with a bit of a muted ending, as is common in many books that are read but not written about here.  Stuck now with being on the cusp of having something to write about Trump, soon I hope, that is even a little different from the volumes of interpretation that have already been written, it occurred to me that something should put into print to keep the non-U.S. readership alive, close to half of the followers here for whatever reason.

"Before The Fall" is written by Noah Hawley, who in his mid-thirties, unknown here until three days ago, and has built a large writing business in books, screenplays, and television, including Fargo.  The story in this book starts with a small private airplane crash with mostly wealthy people on board, and then proceeds to detail the lives of each of the passengers.  That seems like a good way to outline and segment the writing of a book.

Hawley is a talented writer.  He manages to say in new ways many things that should be shared wisdom, and he occasionally might even come up with some himself.  The important thing about the book is that it is entertaining and will be perfect for many a beach read, airplane ride, or train trip where a book should be semi-intelligent and absorbing, if not ever lasting.  If what has been written here is understood, read this book.  It has great recent reviews.  It was read here in two days.  It was engaging, but the ending seemed a little flat.  Try it from a library, not meant for the shelves.


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