Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The global rise of Trumpism

Whether it is just a sign of the times everywhere, or a reflection of what is going on in this country, an anti-immigrant, nationalistic, style of right wing politics with unusually harsh rhetoric has become widespread.  Donald Trump's uninhibited crowd crazing politics of the negative is not just happening in this country.

In England, Nigel Farage led a party that favored Brexit and won, surprising an establishment that found it difficult to take him seriously. With success, Farage bowed out of politics, at least for the moment, when the task of aiding the transition would have required work, rather than excess, vitriol, and bombast.  In France, Nicolas Sarkozy has risen from the ashes to become a faux centrist right wing agitator full of absurd comments to try to take the mantle of the right from the even more extreme Marine Le Pen.  In Austria, election disputes will be decided in October and it is possible that the anti-immigrant almost Hitleresque Freedom Party could win.  In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel's party was defeated in her home district as a far right party won 21% of the vote and allowed the Socialists to win.  In Italy, polls suggest that 65% of the voting population has moved to the right due to immigration fears.

The unprecedented language and hostility of the Philippines new President Rodrigo Duterte as he spoke about President Obama is further evidence of a deterioration in any sort of decorum in some areas of world politics.  They are a long term ally that depends mightily upon U.S. aid and defense still now, long after they became independent after WWII.

The willingness of Trump to lavish praise on the dictatorship/kleptocracy of Russia and Putin while saying that if he doesn't become President it will only be because the election is rigged is perhaps more blasphemous than all of the above.  And yet here we are.  The media is playing the "try to be fair" game and bending over backwards to accept Trump as a normal candidate.  Clinton has her problems, but she also has her principles.  They are being tested as Trump is given a pass.

Where is the good news here?


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