Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A few political comments for what it's worth...

---Many are hoping that Donald Trump will moderate his tone and plans now that he is President-elect.   They will be disappointed.  With the floating of Secretary of State candidates in the press, those "many" should be alarmed.  Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton are no more qualified to be Secretary of State than Trump is to be President.  His priority seems to be to stay in good company. A Secretary of State is in effect the primary diplomat to the world for this country.  Neither Giuliani nor Bolton have ever been accused of being diplomatic.  Giuliani has no meaningful foreign policy experience and is a self absorbed attention seeker, not the personality that would work.  Bolton has significant experience in international relations, but he is by nature confrontational, and right wing doesn't adequately explain how extreme his nationalist views are or his history of twisting the truth or making it up to support his agenda.

---Trump's awareness of the conflicts of interest that arise with this presidency seem to be minimal.  He has named three of his adult children to the transition team and is reportedly seeking "top secret" security clearance for each of them.  In addition he has said that he will have no management control over the Trump Organization and all control will be with Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.  While he has suggested that this counts as a blind trust, that is not remotely the meaning of "blind trust".  Some could view this as a family kleptocracy in the making.

---On the Democratic side, the choice of a new DNC head is on the front burner.  Now to risk saying something may be viewed as politically incorrect.  Representative Keith Ellison is seen as a leading candidate for this post.  Does the Democratic leadership think that appointing an African American Muslim to head their party will broaden their base?  By most accounts Ellison seems to be a capable and serious congressman.  He would articulately represent a more leftward leaning segment of the Party.  Is that the way forward after this loss?  The point is to win again in congressional and state races two years from now, and not to make an effort to educate and enlighten the American people. Whether that is a lost cause or not, the goal is to broaden and not narrow the party, one could think.

Usually posting here is meant to add something to the conversation.  These comments may not have done that but some comment seemed necessary.



Blogger Allen Hengst said...

IMHO, the answer to both your questions is unequivocally "yes." Notwithstanding last Tuesday's stolen election, the Democratic base is way smarter and more enlightened than their erstwhile managerial leadership (i.e. Clinton DLC DINOs). Unlike the wrinkly white-haired GOP base, ours will continue to grow until we eventually takeover the bloody red mid-section of the country. If an African-American Muslim man is too much for our faint-hearted Congress, how about Zephyr Teachout?

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