Monday, November 07, 2016

Election tomorrow, finally

The title of this post is a hope that it WILL be final.  The two main candidates are still on the campaign trail. Polls show a modest lead overall for Clinton.  We are now at the point where anything can happen.

A vote for outrage and resentment is an unambiguous vote for Trump.  A vote for predictability and continuity is a reasoned vote for Clinton.  That dynamic leaves open the possibility of an unfortunate outcome.

Comey's comment on Sunday that all is ok on the e-mail front for Clinton was seen by the stock market as positive.  It is seen here as a further attempt to influence the election for two reasons. First, it put the Clinton e-mail controversy back on the front pages and at the beginning of every news report.  Second, it gives Trump and his surrogates the chance to say one more time that the election was rigged by the elitists.  If Roger Stone were a Democrat, he would surely say that this was a well planned conspiracy, with even an Anthony Weiner twist to titillate.  In fact, that does sound much like the work of Breitbart and Bannon.

Now we wait.


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