Friday, November 25, 2016

Facebook overload

Not a big user of Facebook here although it is followed every other day, more or less.  During the rush to the election there were five or six posts from here, before that maybe five or six over the prior six months.  Now when I check in, the flow to me is overwhelming.

Everyone is forwarding everything to everyone.  This experience over the last few days is not an exaggeration.  To find a reaction to an interesting post read the prior day may take many minutes of scrolling.  Perhaps this is the desire of many users or of FB.  Whether this lack of algorithmic choice is good, or chosen, or if it does not exist, may seem well and good to Facebook users who want to see their name spread widely.  Admittedly, most people have a touch of that.  But, but, never start a sentence with "But", what is going on is becoming incoherent.

My two cents of expertise is that the company, FB, has a choice.  That is continue to expand exponentially and drive away non-obsessive users who may have money or put some limit on the forwarding, like no second uncles.  Non-obsessive users may be their best choice for advertising.  I am a non-obsessive user, so this is completely biased territory.  If they are reluctant to go to Facebook because so and so and so and forwarded an old friend's perfect Thanksgiving floral arrangement or long ago acquaintance's family photos, or a photo from a tennis friend of the past of him with Vitas with twenty people in different photos, then they are not there for the targeted user.

That concerns me about Facebook.  I have no need to invest in FB or to sell it.  I was there at the beginning after the big dip from the IPO. I am seriously in.  Still, this is a stock with potential. Selling FB in any major way would be like selling the future, an awkward sign like endorsing Mike Pence as an alternative.

There was a post on FB from here wishing the few friends of mine who choose to be on Facebook a nice Thanksgiving.  With so few friends, my response rate of "likes" was around 20%. How nice. Could have been a player statistically?  No looking back  Hope that your leftovers are as good as mine, almost always better.  It's no stress eating.


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