Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump delivering appointments that the voters wanted...

The appointments by Trump are beginning to cascade into something that is hard to keep up with, just like the many threats and falsehoods that came from his ever changing mouth during the campaign. The latest are:

Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General --- a senator from Alabama who is anti-immigration in almost every form, an opponent of free trade, openly against women's rights, and homophobic and, on top of that, has a past of overt racism, in both words and actions, as a judge in that state.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser --- beyond ISIS concerns which he shares with all, he takes that to anti-Islamist extremes and backs Trump's threats of a Muslim registry and any immigration from Muslim countries.  He claims that Shariah law is already practiced in the U.S.  He had been a capable senior Army officer, but has apparently always been one to create facts, known by those under his command as "Flynn facts" according to what is read here, so he is surely someone that Trump is comfortable with.

Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas --- three terms in the House and he is now nominated to be head of the CIA.  He was one of the two most strident members of the Benghazi hearings that focused on Hillary Clinton.  He is close to Fox News and closer to the Koch brothers political extremism.  While well-educated, he wears bias on his sleeve.

Individually each of these appointees presents problems.  As a group it can make one wonder whether this is a set-up to really indict Hillary Clinton for the e-mail controversy.  With every appointment, every pronouncement, Trump is underscoring his campaign views.  Will that extend to an effort to convict his main opponent for the Presidency?  Will this country be reduced to third world behavior?
It is not hard to get concerned.

Sessions is the nominee that is completely outrageous.  The other two have backgrounds and education that give them a pass from a pragmatic political point of view, not one held here but that's a fact.  The Alabama senator is compromised on political, ethical, and personal fronts.  Anyone who has spent time in Alabama knows who he is and what he stands for, which is the 1950's.


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