Sunday, January 01, 2017

The holidays must be over

If only life were like that great William Bell song "Every day will be like a holiday...".  That was soul music at its best and love was the theme as almost always.  This holiday season, based on the calendar, is done.  Love can still be a theme.

Cards came in as usual, nothing surprising but all enjoyed.  The full story is often not told by a card, as the whole point is a positive wish and a pleasant greeting.  It's always nice when a card has a written note but few do these days. Photos of children are wonderful, and there are less of those now. This year most of the ones that we sent were without notes of consequence. Getting the carefully chosen cards out and mailed on time was the overriding goal.

Christmas visits from adult children were pleasant and enjoyed, but too short of course.  They are accomplished in their own unique ways and stay busy as we understand.  What we do have still here is enough sweet food and spicy snack food to last us a few weeks at least, some purchased to make sure we had enough for visitors and some sent to us as gifts.  In that way the holiday season will linger.

Some of the remaining special dinner food will be turned into a fine meal in a few minutes, as soon as the typing stops...


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