Monday, March 13, 2017

Flock of robins?

Whenever sighting robins, cardinals, or blue jays, I always think of them in a singular way.  They were everywhere in southern Virginia sixty years ago, and are still seen here on Long Island.  A cardinal or blue jay sighting is now special but they are here.  Robins are not abundant but seeing them is not so rare.

Rare today was a flock of robins in our backyard.  Never do I remember seeing robins move like that. Maybe 20 were in the backyard pecking away at the half of the yard not covered by any snow. Anticipating tomorrow's huge storm, could they have been storing up and found our yard to be good harvest.  Did the gardener over plant seed in the fall and leave a bounty for the birds.

Wildlife in general does anticipate the weather so it was not surprising to see the robins out eating. So many together was unusual, and special to see.


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