Monday, April 10, 2017

Television time

On most nights there is a need to check around for something interesting to watch on television.  It's relaxing, and after reading or doing desk work for major portions of each day my mind is ready to be entertained or informed without too much effort.  Often it's work to find something of consequence that fills the bill, but tonight there is too much.

Last night's season finale of "Homeland" was a good dose of television, and as always that show left me hanging.  What a chaotic end to the season, but it all made sense as a set up for another set of shows. Tonight is too full, as PBS begins a three night "American Experience" about the origins and course of WWI, beginning at 9pm each night.  It's a another look at the war to end all wars, two hours each night.  Conflicting with this is the new third season opening episode of "Better Call Saul" at 10pm.   Jimmy McGill is back.  That may seem like a frivolous choice, but the question becomes which one, PBS or AMC, will replay tonight's episode sooner.

If it is as well done as expected, sticking with World War I, aka "The Great War" is likely.  AMC is will no doubt replay tonight's "Saul" show just before next week's second episode, or that's expected. It's not often that such choices need to be made.  If really lazy is how I feel, it could be McGill.


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