Thursday, May 25, 2017

New television

A new television is being installed here today.  What a commotion.  The choices required, furniture moved, and and new systems being learned is a bit daunting.  Not all members of our generation are tech savvy.  Those who are not want things that work, not projects to figure out.  What is almost completely intuitive to our young adults is not to us.

There is a humongous 20 year old 32 inch Sony television in the basement rec room that still works well, hard to see how it was ever lifted down there, and is rarely used. There is a 10 year old Toshiba upstairs that has what may be 21 inch screen or smaller. The one being replaced is a 30 year old 27 inch Sony, best ever at the time with a state of the art sound system that still sounds that resound in the room that sound real, that was on a major decline.  In the last six months the picture has faded, colors are off, and it is the opposite of crisp.  It was dying, and now is being replaced by a 42 inch flat screen LG.

The timing of television acquisitions in the past was notable.  The one being replaced was bought one month before the birth of our first daughter, as was a Volvo station wagon.  The second one, in the basement, was bought when we moved into our current house, a larger one than our compact bungalow two blocks from town.  The Toshiba was bought by my father when he moved into an assisted living apartment complex, and was inherited for here.  The only notable aspect of today's purchase is necessity.

The installer is completing his work now.  Passwords have been remembered.  We have finally entered the present and will have access to Amazon, Netflix, and other sites on the big screen.  The next few days will be ones of learning.  More to come.


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