Monday, May 22, 2017

The effort to be positive

On Google blogspot, aka, cycles continue.  Three or four obvious takes on the coverage of the delusional Trump will diminish using old language about what we are trying to define and lead to three or four posts of comments on books or films as a diversion.  It's trying to balance out the dread and the potentially uplifting.  It is a stalemate not of the attention of others but a stalemate of my own sanity.

Each day there is too much to comment on in Trump world.  Still trying to digest yesterday, we look at Iran's young people voting in mass to strengthen ties to the West with Trump speaking to an assembly of royal dictatorships villifying Iran as a country.  The price of a Boeing contract?  As previously suggested in a post before the trip, he is being treated as a potentate and, to add an additional thought, this will be the last time. Other countries cannot remotely risk being seen as this type of adulatory pawn to their voters. Trump has been insulated from this by the immersion of his American devotees into the television culture.  When he comes back he may find that he has cut the cord.

There are no complete answers here. Obvious.  His exposure on the international stage is embarrassing to this country no matter what the strained comments say in the now threatened American media.


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