Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Scaramucci and Colbert

Anthony Scaramucci's decision to be on Steven Colbert's show last night was an expression of his extreme confidence, cockiness, or recklessness.  While he noted at the outset that Colbert had promised that there would be no "gotcha" questions, Scaramucci was quietly humiliated by Colbert's straightforward approach.  It is unclear if Anthony realizes what happened, and maybe that attribute has been a is key to his success.

When Colbert asked direct questions about Priebus, Bannon, and issues related to his brief tenure as communication director, Anthony would begin to equivocate.  Colbert would interrupt and ask "but what would the Mooch say?"  Then a direct answer would follow.  Anthony made sure that he was known as the Mooch from the outset when his mixed reception at the start from the audience led him to say that those must be "Mooch" as opposed to the few boo's that they were.

Bizarrely Scaramucci engaged in a back and forth about his remark to Ryan Lizza that Bannon was hiding in his office "sucking his cock".  Colbert questioned whether Anthony could do that and how. It was an odd moment in the extreme with Anthony looking perplexed that Colbert could ask that, but then came back with an Eddie Murphy quote that showed he was prepared to deal with the comment. The quote --- "if I could do that I would never leave the house."

The worst moments of the Mooch's performance were when he praised Trump as a compassionate person, a wonderful person, in a tough situation as he had given up his life of luxury to be President of the United States.  Anthony surely thought he could schmooze his way through this interview, and some may think he did.  In this day and time when Donald Trump became President, it could be that Anthony was right.  He got that attention he wanted and among supporters the cred for showing up.

On the other hand, he could have been viewed as putty in Colbert's hands.  When asked at the end if he would encourage other Trump administration members to come on the show, he emphatically said yes.

Postscript 8/16   ---  On reflection, and knowing Anthony's resilience, could he like all of those who surround Trump have actually been speaking to Trump through his appearance on this program?  Will he be back?


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