Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trump's personal quid pro quo mob boss mind

As the tax cut bill is being passed, a number of companies have announced that they would immediately increase hiring and raise employee wages or bonuses as a consequence.  Those that have been public about this are ATT, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Comcast, and Fifth Third Bank.  Hmm, looking for a merger approval, regulatory relief, pricing power, or kiss up possibilities, and Trump gloats as companies give in to his need for respect.  Yes Don Trump, that's not Don as in Donald but Don as in Corleone, we will kiss your ring.

For companies to do this it must be embarrassing at some level, or should be, but they must think that with the crass Trump it actually works.

On the international scene, Trump's threat of retribution against Haley's list of UN "taken names" did not have any significant impact.  We'll see if the Don follows through on his words and makes some hostile moves based on personal pride rather than policy.  Revenge does not need to make sense.  There is little that is beneath Trump.

If there is a personality disorder for conflating reality with television personas, projections, desires, and fantasy, it has not been found here. There must be one!  It would be a way to understand Trump without concluding that he is constantly lying on purpose, or as the badgered media now often says "exaggerating".

In any case, it is not a sign of good mental health.


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