Sunday, December 03, 2017

The case of the unread books...

In recent days magazines have been the main reading here.  There is somewhat of a stalemate going on in the book pile next to my living room reading chair.  What was interesting in the NYTimes today is now done(there was one exceptional "Times Neediest Cases Fund" article about an impoverished 16 year old girl, a talented basketball player named Chicken Barber who dreams of college and the WNBA, great photograph accompanies).  I read a Bloomberg Business Week "Remarks" editorial that is indirectly about the tax plan titled "Trickle, Schmickle".  It was well done until it fell apart in the final few paragraphs for no clear reason, actually the reason is obvious but inexplicable.

The books await.  There's a compelling one by Irvin Yalom, "Staring at the Sun", that is more than half done but I'm not in the mood to think about death on this darkening Sunday afternoon.  Al Franken's book is just one quarter read,  pretty funny to this political junkie(now trying to detox) but whenever it's picked up I begin to wonder whether that dance with a girl at the office Christmas party in 1985 was the right thing to do.  The Consumer Reports Buyers Guide for 2018 has just arrived but our acquisitory stage is mostly over, especially with a new television in the den that's always on.  The book "Vanishing New York" sits unopened, as it is looked forward to but needs an uninterrupted hour and a half to begin, the best way to start.  Parts of George Packer's over the top exceptional book from 2013, "The Unwinding", are being reread with pleasure, but that needs time as well.  Oh for a well written straightforward mystery or crime novel for a night or two, coherent and entertaining.  It's not there.

For now it will be "The Bloomberg 50"( The people who defined global business in 2017) that may distract me.  The book pile awaits and if it continues to be problematic the new issue of  "The New Yorker" should arrive Tuesday.

The case of the unread books must soon be solved.


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