Monday, January 29, 2018

Grammy's once again

Looking back over comments here, the last time a Grammy awards program was the subject of a post was 2013.  That was probably for good reason, due to lack of familiarity with much of the music.  Yet, with that limitation, plus missing a middle portion of the broadcast, comments will still be ventured, as follows:
---Bruno Mars did well, but he did well in his first appearance in 2013.  He's pretty exceptional, but what has changed since then.
---Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, unknown here, were a hoot.  The accompanying dancers seemed a bit risque for a family show.  I did not mind.
-- For so long it has been hip to be a fan of Dave Chappelle.  He made three short appearances during the show and did not disappoint those fans as he seemed to make no effort at all, looking like he would rather be at an ATM.  Now that's cool.
---Lady Gaga gets attention.  She has a unique style that works.  In fact, it is the strong and nuanced voice that is the real attraction.
---The white boy crooners trend began with Justin Timberlake years ago.  It lives on. Doing old standards plus new whiny ballads advances nothing.  There were several of these singers whose voices were fine but where's the risk?
---Elton John and Hannah Montana liked being together.  She's settled into a less crazed role and he will begin his three year final tour.  From his looks and the hunched way he walked, one could guess this 70 year old wants to go down on the road.  Got it.
---Speaking of Miley, Cardi B seems to be all the rage now. She performed with the more talented Bruno Mars.  Being the female rap crotch grabber was toned down by Cardi for this duo performance, just as it was by Kendrick Lamar in his two appearances. He kept passing by but restraining himself.
---Reading the comment here on the 2013 Grammy's, there were hot tributes to Levon Helm, Bob Marley, and the New Orleans sound at that event.  The tributes in 2018 to Fats Domino and Chuck Berry by Jon Batiste and Gary Clark Jr. were meek, reverential but nothing remotely like the spirit of Fats and Chuck.  That was a missed opportunity to shake up this show.
---The Argentina song by Patti LuPone was painful to watch, but it was small reminder of what she had been.

As for the #Metoo and anti-Trump inspired points of the show, they seemed rote.  That's not meant to discount how heartfelt they may have been or correct they are.  The protests of successful entertainers could be made clear while being less aggrandizingly overt.  Choosing Hillary Clinton for a cameo was questionable.  Remember, she lost the election more than Trump won it.  She was complicit.

This is opinion from the sidelines, no doubt signing off none too soon.


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