Wednesday, January 17, 2018

GAC Motors coming...

This morning while going through my morning routine, CNBC was on.  An interesting advertisement came on.  It showed attractive scenes from various places around the world with people commenting, their distinct alphabets writing words on the screen.  No products were clear.  Could this be a new Apple ad?  Finally the answer, a hazy then focusing car and a name, GAC Motors.

This was the first ad ever seen here for a Chinese car company.  They are launching in the U.S. in 2019, maybe late this year.  Speculation is that they will be sold through Fiat Chrysler dealers.  Guangzhou Automobile Corporation is a state owned company, meaning owned by the Chinese government.  Get this! Their passenger cars in China are sold under the Trumpchi brand, their SUV's Gonow.  It is said that they will change their passenger car brand for the U.S. market, but even with that Don Jr. and Eric are probably pining for a lawsuit.  Daddy said sue so much they thought they had a sister.


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