Sunday, January 14, 2018

NFL playoffs --- brief minimally informed observations

Over the weekend, parts of each of the four NFL divisional playoff games were watched.  In total, viewing averaged about a quarter for each of the games, with part of the fourth quarter watched in three of them.  There was no reason to watch the fourth quarter of the Patriots/Titans game.

For the sole reason that I tend to like all things New Orleans related, the game just ended was disappointing.  The New Orleans pass defender decided to make an inexplicable high school style, that's styled, tackle that was useless and could have been a sure tackle, before what would have been a tough field goal.  The supposed tackle did not even touch the receiver and even seeing it was hard to believe.  Darn.  On top of that, memories of personal and business trips to Minnesota are dreary.  Not football criteria of course.

Philadelphia's victory over Atlanta was welcomed.  It was another last second win.  Philadelphia needs this.  The Jaguars were the only wild card team to survive the weekend.  That was also a positive.  Why?  The former NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin has a senior operational role with that team now and he has somehow made a difference.  Despite being a humorless soul, he brought two Super Bowl championships to New York in his tenure and got along well with Eli Manning, a favorite, a Giant from a New Orleans tribe.  Reasons for fandom here are tenuous.  And then there are the Belichick and Brady led Patriots --- tweedle dum and tweedle dee --- humorless does not go far enough to describe the coach and can anyone really know who Brady is.  They are in lockstep and in another league, or League.

The best Super Bowl, Brady vs. Brees or grimness vs. NOLA life, will not happen.


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