Saturday, February 17, 2018

Facebook photo assault

The photos being found and the iphone handy, Facebook is under attack, from here.  Joining Facebook in 2009 at the encouragement of a friend, it was not a natural affinity.  It was only sporadically used for many years, with occasional spurts of activity when financial markets were interesting or politics became especially newsworthy.  Photos attached to articles forwarded were regularly there, but rarely anything personal.  My "friends" list was and remains small by almost any comparison, because many of my friends are not Facebook users, never bit.

There are a variety of "friends".  A few are silent, some infrequent, there are the regulars, then the active, and finally the high intensity.  The "high intensity" are just unequivocally posting, at times multiple times daily.  There are four major ones here that come to mind --- two are driven by political opinions, one by a form of inside joke humor as he banters with close friends, and one by joke telling and extreme right antics that occasionally border on ugly.  Over time some "friends" have been deleted, aka unfriended, and that has likely happened to me at times as well, don't know as don't keep track.

The origin of these species is around three quarters hometown related.  They may live elsewhere but Danville was where they started.  Same here, first 18 years there.  Otherwise there are a few, meaning from one to four, from other places lived and worked --- college in D.C., Louisville, college in Arizona, and my job in Manhattan.  Add a few random special others and that's it.

It now feels like a comfortable place to post a few photos as they surface from albums, drawers, and files.  At times there is a self-conscious feeling, bordering on not wanting to get too personal.  Well, not really bordering, as some things remain unsaid.  How long this lasts is unknown.


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